I, Robot (2004) [Story and Review]

04 Feb

Well, this is my first post in English. Here, I want to write a full story and then I want to make a short review about the movie. I’m sorry if there are some mistakes in the story, because these are what I still remember about the movie. LOL.

Story :

The story takes place in Chicago in the year 2035. In the year, the robot development is very sophisticated and it is used to help people doing their homework such as a servant. There is a detective, Del Spooner (Will Smith), who doesn’t like the robots existence in human life because he thinks that the robots don’t have any sense and feel like human, and they can endanger people. In the past, Spooner had an bad experience with one robot. He had an car accident with other car that one of passengers in the car is a little girl. Their car went off to the river. Then one robot came to help. Spooner thought that the robot have to help the little girl first because she was very need help to get out from the car. But the robot helped Del Spooner and he left the girl in died. Since then, Spooner doesn’t like robot.

The robots existence is very needed in human life because they can help the human’s homework and they can do twice faster than ordinary people. Those robots are made by the company U.S. Robotics (USR). Alfred Lanning (Cromwell) is a roboticist who founded the USR. One day, Dr. Lanning was died, fall off from his office in the top of USR building and his death was identifed as a suicide. The police thought that there was no anyone in Lanning’s office and no one can enter to there, except Dr. Lanning. Before his death, he recorded with such as limited Ask-Question memory to give some limited information and only Detective Spooner that can play it. But, Detective Spooner still has no clue about the death of Dr. Lanning. He believes that there is someone who killed Dr. Lanning. So, with the help of USR robopsychologist, Susan Calvin (Moynahan), they investigated in Dr. Lanning’s office and they found a robot who killed Dr. Lanning. Then the robot jump off from the window and it can escape from Detective Spooner, but it took a wound from a bullet that was fired by Detective Spooner when the robot jumped. The robot who killed Dr. Lanning is a new robot generation in USR development, called NS-5 (he called himself as Sonny).



Sonny is caught when he tried to escape from repairing warehouse in USR building after Detective Spooner find him there. He was interrogated by Detective Spooner about the death of Dr. Lanning. He said that he didn’t kill his father, Dr. Lanning. Detective Spooner still didn’t believe him. But, finally Sonny said that he killed his father (Dr. Lanning) because of a promise for his father. “Do you keep a promise from someone who you love, Detective Spooner?”, said Sonny. Detective Spooner got impressed and he started to believe in Sonny.

The next, Sonny was handled by Calvin to make sure that Sonny won’t run off before deactivate him. Sonny talked to Spooner and Calvin like a human being. He said that Dr. Lanning created him as an unique robot which is different from other robots. Even Sonny can dream like a human. In his dream, he saw a lot of robots in the large area and there was someone who stand on the top of the hill and that person will lead the robots for freedom. He described his dream by drawing it on the paper. But then, the Chairman of USR gave her a command to deactivate Sonny soon. Because NS-5 is a new generation that will be launched to public and replace all old robots in the city. If Sonny’s issue is spread in public, then the government will cancel the launching of NS-5. In the front of the Chairman of USR (by using such as video conference), Calvin deactivated one of robot, but it was not Sonny. Yes, she saved Sonny!

Sonny's dream

Sonny’s dream

After heard the Sonny’s dream, he tried to found information about what Dr. Lanning want and why Dr. Lanning was suicide. So, he went to Dr. Lanning’s house. In Dr. Lanning’s computer, Detective Spooner found a video when Dr. Lanning was delivering a speech about opening of the launch of the first robot and the same place as in the Sonny’s dream. He found a clue why Dr. Lanning commited suicide and created Sonny as an unique robot. He know that Dr. Lanning is a very important person in USR company, so Dr. Lanning was caged in his office room so that no one can bother him. As the result, Dr. Lanning felt lonely and he also felt there is something wrong with the three laws of robotics and V.I.K.I. which is the central of USR company and she is the brain who controlling all NS-5 robotics.  So, he created Sonny to make a change.

Detective Spooner went to USR building to save and help Sonny. The only way to stop V.I.K.I. is by inseminating such a computer virus that will destroy the V.I.K.I.’s brain. Spooner, Sonny, and Calvin get resistance from V.I.K.I. by sending a lot of NS-5 to kill them. But then, V.I.K.I can be destroyed by Spooner.

Review :

This film is beyond my imagination when I watch this movie for the first time. I mean, how a robot can feel, act, and think as a human being? But, we don’t know that it will happen in the future. I am salute with the writers that can make a strong and emotional story about hatred and trusty to robotics. The audience will feel the main storyline when Sonny say to Spooner about keeping promise to the someone that we love, in detention room. And I am also got stunned in that time for a while, LOL. We will know that Sonny will not kill his father intentionally, there must be a reason behind that. And it is proved that Dr. Lanning creates Sonny and then he commited to suicide and make a limited Ask-Question memory for Detective Spooner, because he know that he himself can not change what has happened in V.I.K.I and Three Laws of Robotics, so he need Sonny and Detective Spooner to do that. He asks Sonny to make a promise.

And I was surprised that Sonny is saved by Calvin from his ‘death’. I know that Calvin is a “good people” who will help Sonny and Spooner to solve the problem. And also I am salute with Will Smith who acts very good as a protagonist.

Oh I forget, I think there is a little lack in this movie, that is the ending. We still don’t know, what will Sonny do after V.I.K.I., the Chairman of USR, and his father has gone, will he becomes a leader of USR company or just to lead his older robots to freedom? I dunno.

Well, this is about my short review. I will update either the full story or the review, or maybe both of them if it is necessary. Hope you enjoy~ 😀

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